l Psychotherapy Counselling and Coaching in Norwich

Thank you for visiting my website.

I am a professionally qualified and experienced psychotherapist, counsellor and coach working from conveniently located offices in Central Norwich.

I work with private clients, both individuals and couples, and with organisations.

I provide psychotherapy and counselling on an open ended, as well as a time limited, basis. I also provide coaching services to individuals and organisations.

I work in English and in German.

The following pages will provide you with some information on the areas I may be able to help you with, as well as some information on my background and my approach to working with you.

Please contact me either by phone or by email if there are any questions I can answer for you, or to arrange an initial appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Martyn



I am a professionally qualified psychotherapist, counsellor and coach. I work in private practice in Central Norwich where my clients come to me from many different backgrounds…


Many people experience emotional distress at some time in their lives or are faced with situations where they need some professional help in making sense of and resolving their difficulties…


Coaching is a powerful process that can help you to make changes in your personal and business life, improve your performance, enhance your relationships with others or develop specific skills…